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Born and raised in Brazil, Flavio Carvalho had a interest in therapeutic work since a young age. Family and friends would ask him for “a little trap squeeze” and say “it felt good ». Little did he know that there was so much more about a massage than just making people “feel good”.

He studied Informatics and Electro Electronics in his teens and some years later he was ready to get started with massage, participating in a workshop in his hometown. From there he began researching how and where to further take his studies in the Health Care field.

Moving to Canada at the age of 19 and living with his family in Montreal – QC, he took the time to get used to the weather (Brazil vs Canada!), and also improve his language skills. Fortunately, family and new friends made along the way were there to support and keep his spirit up when he needed.

Flavio treating patient

He applied and got accepted to the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in Winnipeg – MB in 2008, starting his studies in the fall of 2009. Throughout the following 2 years of his full-time program (3300 hours), he was a very active student both inside and outside of the College.

Elected and receiving the role of Vice-President of the WCRMT Student Council for the 2010-2011 year, he undertook the task of planning Volunteer events from the previous Council and also kept up other activities to get students more involved with campus life.

Many were the causes and organizations that he volunteered for while a student of Massage Therapy, including: Wounded Warriors Canada, Floods in Afghanistan, MS Society, Fibromyalgia, Cancer Care, Manitoba Marathon 2010 and 2011, and the Hurtin’ 4 Haiti Relay Marathon brought by the Manitoba Runners Association (MRA) in the summer of 2010, which was a remarkable moment in his life as a young therapist.

All of those experiences granted him the “Volunteer of the Year Award 2011” at graduation in the summer of 2011, received from the hands of his former instructor and volunteer coordinator Shane Parrington RMT.

He also received the “Principal’s Award of Excellence” for his work and effort in his studies from Randy Ellingson WC (Hon) FLCSP (Phys), founder and Principal of the Wellington College.

Soon after graduating in Remedial Massage Therapy, he pursued his studies with the Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO*), starting in September 2011 in Winnipeg. Still an active student in College, he took the position of class representative and helped promote Osteopathy in the city.

Moving back to Montreal in the Summer of 2012 he now continues his studies at the main campus of the Collège d’Éstudes Ostéopathique (CEO*), being taught by some of the Country’s leaders in the field of Osteopathy. He also undertook the role of webmaster with the Association Étudiante du Collège d’Éstudes Ostéopathique (AECEO), due to his previous experience working with web design and coding.

*These two are the same College, one is English the other is French.

Flavio chair massage.

At the same time, he took the initiative to volunteer for the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, with office based in Edmonton – AB, where he became member of the Credentials Committee, giving him the chance to have an active role within his professional Association, see and be part of the evolvement of the Massage Therapy field, as well as travel back to Western Canada a few times a year.

Apart from running his business, studying and volunteering, he began taking performance classes at the ASM Performing Arts, pursuing a life long desire to become an actor. He participates in certain events brought by the Studio and carries on his acting skills as a fun hobby, a way to socialize and entertain. For the near future he plans to go back to taking vocal lessons and wishes to learn piano and acoustic guitar.

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