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More than a good feeling of relaxation, massage has therapeutic effect on the body and mind. It can:

  • improve circulation, decreasing stress on the walls of the heart;
  • improve lymph flow, carrying waste products and helping with their elimination from the body;
  • warm up collagen fibers and make them more pliable, helping to maintain proper alignment;
  • stimulate touch receptors in the skin (the “good guys”), sedating pain receptors (the “bad guys”), thus relieving pain and discomfort;
  • as well as bring about a state of relaxation and reduces stress.

Therapeutic massage assessment works with postural and structural alignment which, according with Osteopathic principles, creates the environment for good function of all systems of the body.

It is not “just a massage”. It is health care service and wellness when directed with the right intent.


Remedial Therapeutic Massage

Assessment of conditions, structures, misalignments, pains and aches to create (or re-create) a better environment for the body to live. With an Osteopathic based approach all systems of the body are checked: circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, muscle, skeletal and nervous; they all work together as one, and if one has a issue it may show related problems on the other ones. Tests are done to identify the cause of the problem and proper assessment to be followed. The rest is a “work of hands”.

Osteopathic Manual Practice (current study)

Osteopathy is a modality of manual therapeutic care that treats the whole body as a functional unit. Its basis are founded in philosophical principles that guide the knowledge of the practitioner to understand the physical expressions of the systems of the human organism. Techniques are fluidic and rely on myofascial releases to free up structures.

Some of the tools learnt so far include:

  • General Osteopathic Treatment;
  • Strain-counterstrain;
  • Muscle Energy Techniques;
  • Visceral Manipulation;
  • Assessment and treatment of Cranial bones, sacrum, pelvis (hip bones), knees, feet, rib cage, Lumbar, Thoracic and lower cervical spines.

Sport Massage


To warm up joints, ligaments and muscles before the athlete’s practice helping to improve performance and avoid injury. It is a series of frictional and kneading strokes that will “irritate” the tissue, bringing more blood and nutrients more rapidly.


After the activity has been completed this massage will help the athlete get rid of the waste products that body metabolism can create. It sedates the tissue back to normal, circulates blood to aid in tissue repair and it may be a good opportunity to apply an ice pack or taping!

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage

Most times when you hear relaxation massage people are referring to Swedish massage. It is a comforting type of massage that helps relax the mind, reducing stress, relieving muscle pains, aches and tension. It provides educated and well-intended touch that helps to bring awareness of your body in space, aid the circulatory system and lymphatic (immune system) to flush out waste products. It can also assess some other conditions such as joint pain, congestion and digestive problems.

What are the Benefits?


Massage Therapy is a great way to keep up with your health and well-being. More than just relaxation from stress, it also helps balance functions of the body, digestion, elimination, detoxification, as well as improves heart function and circulation.


People who have been in accidents, or athletes who got injured during practice of sports can benefit from Massage Therapy to help them recover faster or maintain their state of being in order to avoid other complications and pains.


Touch is a powerful tool and has great soothing effect on the nervous system. By increasing impulses from mechanoreceptors underneath the skin, it can release pains and fatigue, bringing about a state of relaxation to the mind.


Athletes who want to improve their performance, or help to keep their bodies up to shape for when sports comes can take great advantage of Massage Therapy to help them with pre and post exercise treatments.


Massage Therapy can offer relief to the pains and aches of aging such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, as well as provide touch and care for those with psychological disorders and difficulties to socialize by stimulating the brain to remain active.


From a very young age, people need touch and care. This can also be a very joyful experience for new parents, as well as good treatment for older kids. *Parents must be present during the treatment.

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